Team Working Area

These days, when you go to any work space, you will most likely come across an open environment where employees are sitting behind desks or working group tables and are working in a semi-private environment.
In the recent years, having private or large group rooms with high and enclosed walls and separate office desks was a main approach in the design of the work space and the use of office furniture.
The use of this style in the design and arrangement of office furniture had advantages and disadvantages, for example, the enclosed rooms could reduce the ambient noise and create concentration for the employees. At the same time, work units in an organization were separated, and social interactions and teamwork were weaker. But perhaps the main negative point in this method was the need for a lot of useless space for each person, which required a lot of investment in the real estate sector.
With the changes in the attitude towards work and the emergence of different work styles, group and team work and the expansion of social interactions in the workplace became a main approach for many companies.
Now the other walls have been removed one after the other and the design of the office furniture has undergone fundamental revisions. The new standards in the design and production of office furniture went in the direction of providing the facilities and capabilities needed for users, occupying as little space as possible.
Different types of working in open environments and co-working spaces quickly became a popular approach and are still popular today.
But this popular approach has two major problems that can be solved. The first problem is the presence of annoying noise in the work space. This issue leads to a decrease in the concentration of employees who have a work style that requires concentration and silence, such as employees of financial units. However, using sound insulation covers in different parts of office furniture can solve a large amount of this problem.
The second problem is not matching the work style with the design of the work environment, for example, it is a strategic mistake to assign an open space prone to crowding and inappropriate office furniture to people who have a different work style from others. For example, the coexistence of sales department employees next to the research and development department will definitely cause job dissatisfaction and reduce the performance of employees. To solve this problem, it is necessary to consult with interior architecture experts and use suitable office furniture, work space and suitable office furniture with different work styles provided.