Aluminum Flooring

Aluminum flooring is a kind of complement to the optimal use of moquette and one of the places of its use is the entrance of buildings.
Aluminum flooring has different layers as well as a surface consisting of aluminum and a rough moquette. The moquette used in the entrance aluminum floor absorbs dust and moisture from the shoes and prevents them from entering the building. This flooring is in the form of elongated pieces that are placed next to each other and can be removed one by one. Aluminum flooring is easy to wash. The thickness of this floor is usually about 1 cm and it is better if the floor is lowered by the same amount to create a uniform surface.
The use of aluminum flooring leads to greater savings and reduced building cleaning costs. Their use prolongs the cleanliness of the place, and their presence, especially at the entrances of buildings, leads to the entry of minimal environmental pollution into space.