Ester Counter

One of the most widely used products in office furniture are counter types. Reception counters, entrance counters, internal department counters, etc., despite this diversity in different applications, almost all types of counters follow a few similar features. It is the same, the main user's desk is larger due to the possible use of office machines such as fax machines, printers, and scanners, having more closets and drawers than the standard of other desks, all of these features. Ester counter is one of Paadiran's office furniture  products, which not only follows these patterns, but also tries not to affect the performance in the design of this counter. From the front view, this counter is a combination of two rectangular parts with different textures and designs that form two large and simple volumes, the vertical lines in the lower rectangle form a combination of positive and negative spaces and in the first view, they are in contrast with The smooth and uniform surface of the large piece is on top. But this contradictory combination forms an attractive volume well and in full harmony and forms a beautiful, simple and stylish look. The large and simple upper front of the counter provides the possibility for the employer to implement the company's logo or brand name or any other form of environmental graphics he wants in this area. Like other products of Paadiran`s office  furniture products , Counter Ester has the ability to be customized in different parts such as dimensions and size, color combination, combination and arrangement of required wardrobes and drawers, etc. at the request of the user.

Product Specifications

Code: PI-TS-25

L:260 cm

W:87 cm

H:110 cm