Tima Workstation Table

Tima Workstation

It has probably happened many times to you or your colleagues that for a short consultation, an exchange of ideas or a small meeting with other colleagues, it was necessary to move the chairs in your office or to stand on top of your colleague in an inappropriate position, and from this part of   Your  job   did not feel good.

Now, if the work style of you and your colleagues is such that this form of work interaction is part of your routine, repeating this situation is not very pleasant for you.

Tima work station   design  is a solution for this situation. By making a small and smart change in the height of the side table and creating a temporary chair, you no longer need to change the arrangement of your office furniture or be in an awkward and dominant position. If your colleague stands, you can sit next to your colleague and hold a short work meeting with better quality, faster and more calmly.

This workstation with a modular structure allows you to use a single and identical design for a large number of people.

This modular structure also gives you a lot of flexibility in design and you can customize Tima workstation according to your taste without worrying about reducing the quality of product performance and choose from a wide range of colors and raw materials. Design a table that exactly suits your taste.

Product Specifications

Code: PI-TW-33

L:300 cm

W:150 cm

H:75 cm