Since 1970

About Us

About Us

Established over half a century ago, Paadiran is now considered as one of the main providers of the furniture industry nationally and internationally with a dynamic and up-to-date lines run by a private holding. Over these years we’ve remained a pioneer in the industry by always expanding our horizons and knowledge and constantly challenging ourselves to obtain new experiences.

Throughout the years, we have remained committed to realizing our customer’s demands and ideas by employing the state of the art technology and to create quality environment for our community.

Our products range from office, residential, hotel, retail and exhibition furnishings, which have granted us with invaluable experiences in designing and manufacturing progressive styles.

Our 10000 m^2 production lines, equipped with the latest machinery and technology in the world and run by our highly skilled and professional staff, manufactures unparalleled various systems and furnishing accessories.

Today, in our 2500 m^2 showroom space, located in one of the best and most accessible regions of Tehran, we offer an exceptionally diverse collection of our products designed by our outstanding designers. We also endeavor to bring your ideas to life and to gather whatever is needed to create an ideal office environment all in one space.

Having satisfied customers is our ultimate goal.

Hassan Ahmadian

Head of the Union of Furniture Manufacturers and Exporters

Education: Bachelor of Mathematics from a nationwide university

Master of Industrial Management from Azad University Of Central Branch

Bachelor of Interior Architecture from Shahid Beheshti University PhD in Interior Design from AWU

Work Experience: Managing Director of Paadiran Company in the field of design and production of office and home furniture with more than 30 years of continuous experience

Chairman of the Iranian Furniture Manufacturers and Exporters Union (3 terms)

Member of the Board of Representatives of the Iran Chamber of Commerce (3 terms)

Member of the Organizations Commission of the Iranian Chamber of Commerce

Member of Iran Chamber of Commerce Industry Commission

Vice-Chairman of Iran National Council of  Furniture and Correlated Industries (2 terms)

Member of the Board of Tehran Furniture Employers Association (2 terms)

Member of the Board of Iran Export Confederation (2 terms)

Chairman Board of Directors of FIPCO / Member of German-Iranian Chambers of Commerce – Iran and France – Iran and Italy

Member of the Association of Interior Architects

Member of Iran Management Association

Project Manager Production and publication of 3 books on “Iran Furniture Import and Export Process” – “Identification of furniture export target markets” – “Developing a strategy for the Iranian furniture industry with an export approach”

Shahla karimi

Chairwoman of the Board

In Paadiran, after market research, we reached a gap that exists in the premium target group of the country’s office furniture, which was previously provided by imported furniture or a few customization workshops, the final result were not desirable due to the high price, low quality and low speed.

It was that Paadiran, by providing a favorable environment and cooperating with well-known suppliers, decided to meet the needs of this audience. For this reason, in addition to our products, we have completed our product portfolio, including flooring, lighting, curtains, flowers, plants, etc., and in parallel, by joining the family of academics, architects, elites, etc and using their using up-to-date knowledge, we did our best to have a proper understanding of the needs of office spaces.

Finally, by focusing on different workstyles and workspaces, we did our best to present Paadiran as a solution provider in the field of office equipment and furniture.

Also, one of our features in Paadiran is having a professional and functional team whose concern is beyond product design and office furniture and make every effort to provide a space, style and environment in which you feel comfortable and relaxed. As a result, in addition to meeting your needs, it can fulfill all your ambitious and daring desires, with your help, and leave products as a reminder of harmony, performance and no expiration date in your work environment.

The Paadiran team is all the capital that we are proud of and appreciate.


Paadiran Team is a combination of experience, elegance and innovation.
Our team possesses remarkable skills and abilities, from different regions of Iran, diversely educated, with unique personalities, broadly experienced, having vibrant interests, each with their own unique universe and all with one goal in mind:
To be the best.

solmaz azad

samaneh emam

masood motaghi

nima bohloul

siavash kanani

shahram aghayei

zaridokht kaffashian

mohammadreza danaei

soroush moradi

mina iraninezhad

ramin kangarani

ali barzegar

khorshid tarifard

maziar mehrabi

mahya sartipi

alaleh mazloomi

mahshid jafari

hamideh adibi

hakimeh ahmadian

sales expert

afsaneh bakhtiari

sam ahmadian

فرناز حبیبی

farnaz habibi

nasim aziznezhad

sadaf ghavami

نگار بیاتانی

negar bayatani

آیسان حکمت پور

aysan hekmatpour

نیما سلیمانی

nima soleymani

امین رضوی

amin razavi

امیدرضا بیات

omidreza bayat

سحر صالحانی

sahar salehani

الهام فضلعلی

elham fazlali

ترانه افشار

taraneh afsar

کیمیا محمدحسینی

kimia mohammdahoseini

مهیا عبدالمحمدی

mahya abdolmohammadi

ویدا پورحیدری

vida pourheydari



we are the best. in our industry we have best friends.