Formal Work Space

In most companies, there are spaces for official work that are designed in different ways. Spaces to do things in group or shared form, completely separated and individual spaces and.... In fact, in many companies, regardless of the working style, the main core of activity is in the departments that do the official work of the company.

مبل اداری

Home Style

You probably hear these days that some of today's employees are looking for places to work that are less formal and more informal and inspiring. Where office furniture with happy colors and friendly designs have replaced a simple and boring office desk...


Cafeterias or lounges or spaces with similar functions in the office space encourage personnel to socialize and meet with the aim of creating lasting relationships and teamwork.

Silent Room

Quiet areas in the workplace allow employees to move away from public and open environments in the workplace and continue their work when they need to work with high concentration. In the process of interior design of work environments that need these secluded areas, it is necessary to design office furniture based on this work style with the advice of experts on this subject.

Conference Room

In all work styles and in all work environments, meeting rooms are always used. From the most basic uses as meeting rooms to flexible spaces for different work styles…

استفاده از نور خطی در پارتیشن های دو جداره

Office Partitions

The current conditions of the required technology, and various applications with the aim of improving practical tools, many books on sixty-three percent of the past, present and future, require a lot of knowledge from the community and experts, to provide more knowledge for computer designers with software. especially creative designers, and created a progressive culture in the Persian language, in this case, we can hope that all the difficulty in providing solutions, and the hard typing conditions will end, and the time required will include the typesetting of the main achievements, and answering the continuous questions of the people. The existing design world is basically used.

طراحی و تولید مبلمان اداری در شرکت مشاوره دکوراسیون داخلی پادایران

Entrance Space

If you visit a company or organization for the first time, upon entering, your first mental image of the nature of that organization or company will be formed in the entrance space or lobby there and based on your first observations.

Work Group

These days, when you go to any work space, you will most likely come across an open environment where employees are sitting behind desks or working group tables and are working in a semi-private environment.

خرید ست مدیریت

Home Office

One of the attractive ways to work in the contemporary era is the use of a home office. The intertwining of the concept of work and home has caused the previous boundaries of the separation of these two seemingly separate issues to disappear over time.


The way you are looking

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