Turboseal | 2022


Paadiran company

Paadiran, the Center for Office Furniture and Equipment of Iran, was established nearly half a century ago with the goal of providing part of the needs of the domestic and foreign markets for the production of modern office furniture and equipment in a dynamic environment based on modern knowledge and with private sector capital.

The design and production of office furniture of the research and development unit of turboseal Technology Development and Manufacturing Company in Pardis Technology park  (Iran silicon valley )was one of the most attractive office furniture projects of Paadiran Company in 1400. The research-industrial and knowledge-based nature of this company is one of the first principles for furniture design. This project was administrative. In the next step, we had to follow the different architecture of this building and in addition to complying with functional principles, we did not neglect technical details and aesthetic principles.

Turboseal project specifications

Two of the main characteristics of this building are the bold role of glass and large light-reflecting windows and the metal and mesh structure on the facade and inside the building. Also, the sloping roofs, light colors, open and wide spaces without walls and cross columns inside the building all contributed to the unique identity of this building. One of our most important challenges for the implementation of the partition was the sloping ceilings that reached the sloping walls. And we have to create separate rooms with partitions in these sections. In the beginning, we had to choose examples of Paadiran office furniture products, which had a distinct role of glass and metal structure in their design, and in the next step, using the flexibility of these products, we made the changes desired by the client in the two departments of performance and beauty. Apply at the same time without affecting the other.

The result was very satisfying for us. A large amount of desks, conference tables, single-wall partitions, management desks, and workgroup desks were redesigned, produced, installed and delivered to the client at the project site, without any change in the attractive architectural nature of the building. We are happy that Paadiran office furniture products and partitions were able to complete the modern and different identity and appearance of this part of turboseal Technology Development and Manufacturing Company and turn this project into a lasting example.