Moquette has always been the most popular flooring in office spaces. With the advancement of technology and the need for busy spaces with a material design that is easy to clean, manufacturers
Moquettes are made of tile moquettes. These moquettes are extremely effective in office environments and allow you to make potential changes.

  • Antistatic property: This flooring is antistatic and does not produce any suffocating smoke in the environment. At the same time, it is environmentally-friendly and does not harm people’s health.
  • Sound insulation: The moquette surface absorbs sound and has less noise than hard surface flooring. Also, the moquette is a non-slip surface and provides a soft environment for you. When in an office environment we can minimize harmful noise pollution. In fact, we will see more peace in space.
  • Different textures, different spaces: Different shapes of fibers, textures, and colors in the environment will surely give identity to space. With this product, extraordinary proportions can be created in the environment. The moquette can also be matched with any type of decoration.
  • Heat and cold insulation: The moquette is excellent thermal insulation. In hot or cold seasons of the year, it provides a good feeling in the environment. Optimal temperature means no wasting energy and savings all year round.
  • The problem of getting dirty: Using flooring such as moquette requires attention to issues such as traffic control of people and constant care.
  • Allergies: The issue of whether or not moquettes and other flooring are allergenic has been around for years. But according to research, contamination on hard floors is not controlled, in other words, it remains suspended. But, high-quality moquettes, prevent dust, and allergenic contaminants from staying in the air and minimize the risk of allergies.