Fabric wall covering

Nowadays, wall covering is one of the suitable tools for designers in the interior design of spaces, and paint or wallpaper can no longer meet the needs of designers for unique designs.

Fabric wall covering is a type of covering that is made of natural materials used in viscose fabrics and fibers. Examples of this cover can be seen in various home appliances such as furniture and curtains.

Therefore, these wallcoverings create a very good fit and harmony with other parts of decoration, accessories, and furniture.

Fabric wallcoverings come in a variety of designs and colors, including velvet, satin, silk, jacquard, linen, and leather. Depending on the type and style of furniture you choose, you can use a fabric that matches the decoration of your office environment.

One of the advantages of fabric wall coverings is their long life compared to wallpaper and paint. Also, wall fabric installation is very easy and fast and will not have the cost of the substructure. It is also possible to install the fabric on cement and ceramic walls, and you will not have problems such as protrusion and peeling of the wallpaper or cracks that reappear after installation in the fabric wall coverings. In addition to all this, due to the use of felt and viscose fibers in the type of wall covering, shocks and pressures on the wall will be ineffective. These products are made of natural fibers and are completely compatible with nature. Fabric wall coverings can also act as a sound and heat insulator in your chosen places.