Glass wall coverings

Glass wall coverings are widely accepted because of their many benefits. Glass wall coverings are very attractive to the environment due to their gloss and glory. Also, due to the great variety of these models, it is possible to apply a lot of creativity and innovation in their design. Glass wallcoverings are mostly used in non-patterned models that have a uniform and simple colors, this also gives the user a feeling of energy. Glass office wall coverings can provide the ability to use natural light during the day.

One of the types of glass wall coverings is tempered or shockproof glass. In this model, the glass has very high impact resistance and does not break easily, and does not collapse even if broken. That is why they have high security.

Other advantages of these wall coverings include high variety in color and design, creating attractiveness for the environment, insensitivity to sunlight, high resistance to moisture and acidic and alkaline substances, easy and strong connection, easy installation (no need for a large number of Labor to install) and ease of cleaning.

High prices and the possibility of scratches and breaks, as well as the need for permanent cleaning due to the glossy surface, are among the disadvantages of these products.