Industrial Flooring (epoxy and polyurethane)

These floors provide higher security for employees in industrial environments because they have features such as non-slip and no contaminants. They also have easier maintenance conditions and easier use than traditional floorings, such as cement and tiles, etc. Industrial flooring generally has scratch resistance, mechanical strength, and long life.
The high variety of industrial floorings, such as antistatic flooring, anti-scratch, anti-wear, anti-acid flooring, and sanitary flooring, etc., has led to the increasing use of this type of flooring.
Antistatic industrial flooring is divided into two groups: epoxy and polyurethane. As the name implies, this type of flooring is static against electricity and is actually conductive. Therefore, with the formation of static electricity on them, the current is quickly directed to other places. Another name for this type of flooring is spark-proof flooring.