Wood wall and MDF

Wooden wall covering will give a unique effect to your desired space. But instead, it has a very high price. MDF and wood wall panels give more appearance to the office environment and have more resistance than PVC type, but the advantage of lightness and washability of PVC wallcoverings is one of the main reasons for its widespread use.

Office wallcoverings made of wood or MDF have a very long life, so you do not need to spend extra money to repaint the building.

They have a very good ability to maintain the heat and cold of the space and prevent energy wastage. These types of office wall panels are resistant to scratches and impact. They are also excellent insulators for soundproofing.

Other advantages of these products include the appropriate flexibility for installation in arched spaces; Also, these types of products are impermeable to insects.

Although these wall panels need substructure for installation, usually the installation and implementation of wallcoverings are done in a short time.

MDF wall coverings have a UV layer, which of course is present in most of today’s coatings, and this makes it possible for wall panels that their color does not change after a while and have high stability against radiation such as sunlight.

Disadvantages of wooden wall panels include flammability and low resistance to moisture.