Fadak Trains | 2021

In this project, we faced several challenges: First, an important part of the interior design of this project had already been implemented, and in the middle of doing so, it had undergone changes that might have hampered the nature of the design. For example, on the floor of the building of this project, dark and patterned building stones were used, which had a classic structural nature, and the employer tended to use modern and minimal furniture. We tried to solve part of this challenge by choosing details that are flexible and can be harmonized with the classic elements while maintaining their modern nature. For example, we used MDF with natural wood veneer on some tables and part of the wall coverings so that we could bring the elements of the contrasting nature of the design closer together. At the request of the employer, we needed to make changes to the aesthetics of the environment and provide indoor spaces. Therefore, in some parts of this project, we used partitions with colored glass with colors that match the floor stone.