Merta Conference Desk

Conference tables are essentially used for a form of work style where exchange of ideas, participation and group activity is a fundamental principle. We can say with certainty that these days there is almost no company or organization that does not need a conference room and a conference table regardless of issues such as organizational culture, work style, organizational structure, number of people, etc.

Merta conference table, which is one of the products produced by Paadiran in the office furniture sector, has been designed and produced to meet a part of this market need.

The bases of this table are made of aluminum profiles that are produced by diecast method. These bases are very strong while being light and beautiful. Also, these profiles have high colorability   and the employer can choose different colors for the color coating of this part of the Marta conference table.

The table top is made of MDF by default, but the legs of this table are designed in such a way that they can be connected to different types of materials desired by users, such as stone and glass. The appearance of Marta conference tables is very simple and therefore flexible and enables the user to use this conference table in different styles of office decoration design or different uses such as conference table for formal or informal meetings.

Product Specifications

Code: PI-TC-57

L:240 cm

W:120 cm

H:75 cm