Nitel Executive Table

Minimalism as an approach in designing office furniture is one of the most popular styles these days in the design and production of office furniture and interior decoration. Nitel management desk is one of the most prominent products of Paadiran  in using this approach. A management desk, with many features such as the possibility of personalizing drawers and cupboards, a connected conference table for holding meetings or short business meetings, which is designed in accordance with the general principles of desk design, completely in line with the minimal style, and provides this possibility for the user. who chooses this add-on as an option, a side add-on closet that, with a small change in the height of the product, has become much more practical than usual, and can be ordered and can have different combinations based on the user's needs. One of the functional features of this desk is management.

Simple design using simple horizontal and vertical lines, avoiding the use of additional decorative elements, limited color combination and proportion in the use of metal and MDF are all the features of this management desk. Nitel  management desk is an ideal option for those managers who develop a modern and transparent work style.

Product Specifications

Code: PI-TM-30

L:210 cm

W:210 cm

H:75 cm