Tabriz Tile Group | 2021

The design, production and implementation of the office furniture project of the head office of Tabriz tile Industrial Group in Tehran, with the cooperation and interior design of Mrs. Katayoun Rezaei, is one of the attractive and memorable projects of Paadiraan.
One of the features of this office furniture project is a large amount of functional details that are perfectly aligned with the beauty of the interior design.
At the beginning and after holding several consensus meetings and consultations with the project designer, Mrs. Katayoun Rezaei, the principles and main lines were approved. Now it was the turn to design and produce products that are in full harmony with the wishes of the employer and the project designer.
The frame of all the single-wall and double-wall partitions, with different heights and different features, were all painted black with electrostatic powder paint so that, while creating distinction, the vertical and horizontal lines they make are in line with the interior design details of the building.
In the next stage, in each part of the partition implementation, according to the intended use, details such as built-in lights, acoustic separators, built-in wardrobes, environmental graphics, MDF separators, colored glass, movable shades, etc. were implemented.
Now it was the turn of management desks, conference desks, office desks, bachelor desks, closets, Wi-Fi and libraries, which should be designed and produced much more flexible and diverse than partitions.
In different parts of this building and at the same time, there are different departments such as management, formal and informal meeting rooms, co-working rooms, silence rooms and reception counters, which, while respecting the integrity of the design, should have appropriate functional and appearance characteristics. Also, without occupying a large amount of work space, we should have installed a lot of closets and files for the employees.
The use of linear and built-in lights under the closets and in the corridors and internal walls of the double-walled partition, the simultaneous use of tiles and carpets as flooring and based on environmental requirements, the use of plants compatible with the indoor environment, etc. are other details that They were used carefully and with full coordination between the project designer and Paadiran company and in line with beauty and better performance in different parts of the project.
We had the honor of long-term cooperation and friendship with another large and well-established company in Iran in this project, and Tabriz Tile Industrial Group was added to the group of friends of Paadiran..