Hamrah Aval | 2020

One of the most exciting challenges of this project was the application of the employer’s organizational identity based on the principles set out in the Hamrah e Aval brand book, in the design of the overall idea and products used. The key elements of this project were to create dedicated workspaces for a large number of people, to create spaces for meetings, to allow managers and supervisors to be present in the same space but in separate sections, and to facilitate the movement and access of all staff to coworking spaces. Another part of the project was a conference room for formal face-to-face and online meetings. It was also anticipated that one of the types of meetings that would be held in this space would require a separate space for meeting moderators, and would certainly be part of the sessions to discuss topics that would require special audio-visual facilities. In addition to these requests of the employer, in the design and production of furniture, we had to use organizational colors in various parts of interior design. Finally, the implemented project became one of the most attractive works of Paadiran in the last few years.