10 Ways Workplace Design Keeps Talent Engaged

Employees work in different ways and benefit from having options for how to approach their work throughout the day.

Workspaces combined with spaces to socialize or learn are equally helpful to shaping careers. Offices that leverage design to cultivate talent help employees stay focused and grow. The result is a vibrant community that supports each other and the company’s mission.

Hudson River Trading — New York City

1. Work Doesn’t Just Happen at a Desk
Employees at Hudson River Trading complete tasks at tables around the office or even on the stairs.

LoyaltyOne — Toronto

2. In-Person Meetings Are Just as Important as Calls or Messaging
LoyaltyOne’s open plan and unassigned desks optimize the space for scheduling meetings and communicating face to face.

One Microsoft Place — Dublin

3. Workplaces that Balance Private and Public Areas Can Help Employees Customize the Way They Work
Microsoft created a design concept in their Dublin headquarters called Microsoft Island. From developers who seek peace and quiet to salespeople engaging visitors, the program maps out something for everyone.

NCR Midtown — Atlanta

4. The City Is an Amenity Itself
Companies are attracting new talent and offer the ability for new residents to connect and contribute to surrounding communities. Software company NCR invites the public into their space with a coffee shop and amphitheater-style stair for guest lectures.

Adobe Campus Renovation — San Jose, California

5. Socializing Contributes to a Company’s Culture
Adobe’s newly reimagined headquarters transforms the employee experience by encouraging interaction and reinforcing a sense of community that inspires exploration and participation.

21st Century Fox Headquarters — New York City

6. Employees at All Job Levels Want to Connect with Each Other
Teams at the 21st Century Fox headquarters were originally spread across many floors. Now everyone is right in the middle of the action with an airy and engaging layout.

Boston Consulting Group — New York City

7. A Workplace Accommodates Many Work Styles Inside and Out
The team management group at Boston Consulting Group spend a lot of their time out of the office and the new space brings people back together to better connect.

Red Bull — Atlanta

8. Places to Reduce Stress and Burnout Are Beneficial
Employees at Red Bull take breaks inside the Activity Can to relax.

Hyatt Global Headquarters — Chicago

9. If an Office Works for Its Employees, Guests Will Enjoy It Too
The Hyatt Global Headquarters in Chicago is designed to explore new ideas about the guest experience.

Verizon Global Headquarters — Basking Ridge, New Jersey

10. The Workplace Can Wear Its Mission on the Walls
An immersive experience tells stories and inspires employees. Verizon’s interactive touchscreen displays have employees moving around and learning more about the company as content playfully disperses into colorful particles.

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