As UK professionals look to the future, two-thirds want a hybrid of home, work and office work. Only 12% want to work from home full time.

We surveyed UK office workers in August 2020 when about half had returned to the office in some capacity. We captured both worlds — working from home and office work life — to gain insights into how each environment can support the day-to-day needs of UK office workers.

Over two-thirds of the UK workforce would prefer a hybrid work model.

For the vast majority of UK workers, their current work model is a result of company or government policy — few currently have choice in where to work. But as those workers look to the future, many would ideally choose a different work scenario than their current state.

Those working in a hybrid work model are most likely to feel empowered, creative, and satisfied in their jobs.

Why do the vast majority of UK workers prefer a hybrid work model? Working from home and from the office both offer clear and distinct benefits. Those already in the hybrid work model report benefits such as feeling more personally creative, more satisfied with their job, and more empowered to experiment with new ways of working. The hybrid model combines the best of working from home and the office.

71% of workers still prefer to work in open environments.

When asked about the physical workplace they would like to return to post-COVID, over two-thirds of UK workers say they would prefer some form of open office environment; only 19% would prefer a mostly or totally private environment.

UK Workplace Survey 2020 Methodology

The survey of 2,500 UK workers was conducted via an anonymous, panel-based survey from July 9 to August 5, 2020. Respondents were required to have worked in an office prior to COVID-19. Responses were distributed across nine industries and represent a wide range of seniority levels, roles, ages, and geographies across the UK.

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