Ant Manager Desk

Ant's manager`s desk is one of Paadiran's office furniture products, which has a special beauty and simplicity at the same time.

The design of the table base, which is out of a simple rectangular frame and creates a different appearance in the front and side view, is one of the differences in the design of this desk.

At the same time, the side of the desk has a cupboard, drawer, and case, and has a unified appearance, and at first glance, it is a large rectangular cube without asymmetric and different depressions, which has created a large and beautiful volume.

The combination of colors suggested by Paadiraan for this manager desk , which is white and gray, gives more effect to the beauty of this desk.

The performance of this manager desk, like other Paadiran`s office furniture`s   products, is completely sufficient and meets all the needs of the user.

The features of this manager desk are fully customizable and the user can order a personalized and desired product among many functional options and different colors that can be ordered.

Product Specifications

Code: PI-TE-47

L:180 cm

W:160 cm

H:75 cm