Pav Manager Desk

In some work environments, the existing work style promotes cooperation and interaction between people, and in this way, while encouraging the expansion of social interactions, they also increase organizational productivity.

Certainly, smartly designed office furniture helps this work style a lot.

  Pav manager desk is one of the office furniture products designed and produced by Paadiran, which is made for this purpose.

The width of the table has been slightly increased so that there is an extra place for one more person who temporarily sits on the opposite side. On the opposite side, there is a specific place for keeping catalogs, maps, brochures or documents that need to be reviewed together. The covering plate in front of the table can be optionally removed, so that there is enough legroom for the client on the opposite side.

A small box under the table top allows not only all the wires and cables to be out of sight as much as possible, but also the possibility of installing a variety of built-in accesses to electricity or internal network or... for the user. All these functional capabilities are combined with a minimal design and beautiful and functional manager desk has been added to the portfolio of Paadiran office furniture products.

Product Specifications

Code: PI-TE-46

L:230 cm

W:160 cm

H:75 cm