Davit Manager Desk

 One of the most used office furniture products are expert desks. Considering that in most organizations, regardless of the work style, there is a high probability that some parts of the human force are made up of experts, the popularity and high demand for these desks is not far from the mind.

Davit's manager desk is the most popular expert's degree in Iran. The interesting thing is that this product has attracted the attention of different companies with different work styles.

Features such as a simple and modern design that is compatible with different styles in interior design, the use of an aluminum base and structure, and with the ability to color, the possibility of using MDF, glass, natural or artificial stone, etc. as a table top. The dimensions of the table top are not too big or small, a small extension table with a cupboard and drawers that can be changed and the possibility of personalization, a smart design to install electrical access from the back of the side cupboard, the use of a dust collector to maintain the cleanliness and neatness of the table. Designing a section in front of the table for holding short meetings is one of the functional features of this table.

If you yourself have an expert job position in your organization and you want to have a desk suitable for your work or you are in a situation where you want to prepare an expert desk for your organization's experts, you will not easily give up Davit's expert desk.

Product Specifications

Code: PI-TE-42

L:180 cm

W:160 cm

H:75 cm