Bav Workstation Table

Bav Workstation

. These days, following different work styles is no longer an abstract idea and it can be predicted that this method will eventually become the dominant flow of all businesses.

Considering this premise, the use of office furniture that is designed and produced based on work style has become more important.

Different forms of workstations  are among the most popular types of office furniture these days, which can be seen in almost every modern and progressive work environment.

Bav workstation table in Paadiran  design studio was designed with the aim of being a practical workstation table with a beautiful design.

The possibility of using paintable wooden or aluminum bases, soft and rounded corners on the edges of the product, the possibility of using separators with a suitable design, the combination of soft colors, are all of the appearance features of this product that make this workstation. While having a modern nature, it also has a beautiful and flexible appearance.

Among the other features of the Bav workstation  are height-adjustable bases, cabinets with the ability to personalize drawers and shelves, the possibility of installing electrical access points on the table top, having a cable tray for better organization of the wires and cables used. .. Cited.

With the possibility of choosing many colors in different sections, Bav work station  can find a look that fits perfectly with the interior design style of your work environment.

Product Specifications

Code: PI-TW-28

L:280 cm

W:240 cm

H:75 cm